Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Centre
Center of Excellence on Machine Tools and Production Technology
Supported by
Department of Heavy Industry
Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises
Government of India
Organizational Ecosystem

The AMTDC ecosystem is governed by a Governing Board with eminent members from various fields such as academia, industry, R&D institutions and government. The board meets once in six months to make policy decisions and to periodically monitor the functions of the center. The day to day running of the center is executed by a Management committee, which is made of members from Governing Board. The management committee together with two sub-committees, namely Recruitment and Personnel Committee and Purchase and Procurement Committee oversees the operation of the core group of AMTDC. The core group of AMTDC is a fluid system consisting of mutually interacting teams of dedicated AMTDC researchers, engineers and administrative staff who work with IIT Madras faculty and students, to create technologies in collaboration with partnering industries. This synergistic ecosystem allows AMTDC to follow its guiding principle of End to End Innovation.