Advanced Manufacturing Technology Development Centre
Center of Excellence on Machine Tools and Production Technology
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Department of Heavy Industry
Ministry of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises
Government of India
Focus Areas

Machine Tools

Machine Tools

The main focus area of the center is on Machine Tools, which is a complex system of several interacting systems. The center focuses on the following areas
• Precision Machine Design
• Volumetric error mapping and compensation
• Structural analysis of machine structure and sub-assemblies
• Structure design with high rigidity and damping
• Thermal deformation analysis of machine tools
• System design for thermal error control
• Mechatronic design of machine tools
• Basic machine element design – bearings, transmission system

5-Axis Multi-tasking Machining Centre
Hydrostatic Test Rig
Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

The machining process performed by a machine tool is a sub-system on its own and together with the characteristics of the machine tool affects the precision, productivity and reliability of the manufacturing system. In this scenario, it is essential to control the process as well as its interaction with the machine tool continuously. The emerging field of “Smart Manufacturing”, which is defined by NIST, USA as “systems that are fully-integrated and collaborative, which respond in real time to meet changing demands and conditions” is an ideal platform that can be applied to the specific area of machine tool and its machining process. The center currently focuses on
• Smart machines
• Intelligent machining process automation
• IoT enabled machining process diagnostics
• IoT for machine tool diagnostics / prognosis

Automation of Grinding Process Intelligence
Automation and Mechatronics

Automation and Mechatronics

Automation systems and function specific mechatronic modules are key parts of a machine tool system for specific application. The center currently focuses on the Design and Development of Automation Systems specific to machine tools.

Thermal Compensation System for CNC lathe
Motion Control

Motion Control

Motion control elements are the heart of machine tool system. The elements of this system include motion controller, energy amplifier and prime movers or actuators. The center currently focuses on
o Drives for spindle system
o Drives for linear axes system
o Hard controls
o Soft controls
o Motors for spindle system

Electric Drives Test Rig
Electric Drives


Development of Industrial Robots, especially low-cost robots, is a key focus area of this center. Even though Industrial Robots is the main focus, the center is also actively looking at the application of robotics in other fields like construction, rehabilitation and geriatrics and service.

The main topics of focus includes
o Kinematic and dynamics design
o Structure design
o Development of drive and transmission elements
o Soft controls
o Electrical drives and controls

6-Axis Articulated Robot developed by AMTDC & MTAB