Development of Hydrostatic Guideways and Spindles

AMTDC has successfully developed Hydrostatic Systems (Guideways and Spindles) that are essential to build high precision machines in the machine tool industry. Hydrostatic systems contain a layer of pressurized oil between the moving surfaces which provide a higher stiffness and damping compared to physical bearing systems. This is essential for applications like high speed CBN grinding, ceramic grinding, super finishing applications, high speed internal grinding of small precision parts, etc. The developed hydrostatic components can be used in manufacturing industry covering a variety of sectors ranging from defense, aerospace, automotive, textile and energy sectors. The technology of hydrostatic guideways, spindle and flow controller were so far closely held by a few companies in the world namely Hyprostatik GmbH, Zollern GmbH, JTEKT and Schaeffler INA. With this in-house development, it is now possible to design and manufacture these critical elements in India, thus reducing import dependence and bringing down the cost of these elements.

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