Development of 5kW Axis Drives and 25kW Spindle Drives for Machine Tool Applications

The Objective of the project is to develop scalable and rugged indigenous Servo Motor drives (Axis and Spindle). The scope of work includes a) Benchmarking of top of the line axis and spindle drives and formulate specifications b) Development of the power electronic controller modules c) Development of the DSP/FPGA based control platform with state of the art technology d) Development of suitable control strategies and algorithms for high performance motor control e) Development of test facilities for high performance motor controls upto 25 kW f) Testing and benchmarking of designed electronic motor controller subsystem against global standards incl. Environmental tests, EMI/EMC tests g) Field trials by installing the systems at 20 sites – in labs and in actual production sites The output of the project will be as follows : (a) Development of indigenous rugged proven design - If required, 2 or 3 different packages may be developed for different power ratings (and hence for different machine sizes) (b) 20 prototypes of motor control systems for field trials

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Overall Layout
First Prototype
Drive Architecture
Phase 2 Development
Phase 3 Development
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