Development of 5 Axis CNC Multi-Tasking Machine

MTX series machines are for integration of a horizontal turning center and Machining center. The machine should have enough flexibility to machine a wide variety of turning operations, from the general 2-axis turning, to 3-axis mill and turning, as well as complicated multi-axis milling and turning required work pieces in the single machine and the same set up. Thus it can accomplish complex simultaneous 5 axis operation and up to six side machining. In some specific applications two tools can work simultaneously on one job or two jobs can be processed simultaneously on two different spindles. Apart from milling and turning operations it should be able to make special processes like gear cutting, grinding, etc for customer specific requirements which will add more flexibility. The serialized line-up of the machines is MTX100, MTX200 and MTX300. The series has variants like MTX200, MTX200Q, MTX200T, MTX200S, MTX200QT and MTX200ST

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Key Development: Automatic Tool Changer
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